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Make your business success

MIT delivers safe and strong implant abutment system in full range of precise pre-mills and titanium base.
Design and mill our pre-mill abutment as you want, and succeed with your business.
Our pre-mill abutment will fit in any implant abutment system precisely.

- No more abutments from expansive original implant manufacture
Available with any implant system & dental CAD/CAM equipment
- Satisfy major implant preferences
Stability and strength
- Precise fit allows stable positioning consistently
- Minimize fixed rotation
Highest standard
- Optimal materials and precise production process
- Apply medical device standard for all abutments
- Highest level of quality control system
Advantage of Experience

Advantage of Experience

Precise pre-mill abutments and titanium bases
Stable connection between the abutment seat and the implant.No bacteria intervention in the abutment interface Consistent fit and outstanding surface
Exceptional stability
Fixed rotation values are same as the original abutments from the implant manufacture.
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