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The medical device MEDIFUGE allows for the use of up to 8 test tubes for the creation of CGF (fibrin);

A micropocessor control system allows for the maintaining of a constant speed;

The exception rotor system with self-ventilation protects the blood sample from heat exposure.
The rotor-holding compartment, the closing door and the test tube-holding jackets guarantee biological safety in terms of bio-containment, in the event of test tube breakage;

The test tube-holding jackets and rotor are built from thermal, antistatic material that is easy to clean, extract and sterilise in an autoclave at 135°;

MEDIFUGE is equipped with a decontamination cyclewith UVC reflected light;

Cycl duration 5 minutes at 1,000 revs;

The electronic control engine and its internal parts require no maintenance;

Noise levels fall below the standards required and do not exceed 57 dBa.

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