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LHT 02/17 LB Speed

LHT 02/17 LB Speed

炫耀高品质和卓越性价比的 Nabertherm 的烧结炉。

最高温度可提高到 1650 °C 的本机型是可达到氧化锆透明度的完善的系统。电子 Lift-Bottom 系统简单完成修复物,圆柱形烧结炉 Chamber 使温度均匀扩散。

由Molydenum Disilicide制作的特殊发热体,可保护牙冠和桥体的化学污染。使用着色液时,完全干燥后开始烧结程序。将需要烧结的修复物放在由特殊陶瓷制作的烤箱(Saggar)。 共三个烤箱(Saggar)可保障最佳的生产性。

LHT 02/17 LB Speed 型号还装有急速冷却装置。 Table 可自动打开并加速冷却效果。根据使用的修复物或烤箱的类型可加快进行速递。

Automated table lowering for cooling, Sagger
Tmax 1650 °C
- Special, high-quality heating elements made of molybdenum disilicide offer best possible protec-tion against chemical interaction between charge and heating elements
- Furnace chamber lined with first-class, durable fiber materials
- Outstanding temperature uniformity due to all-round furnace chamber heating
- Furnace chamber with a volume of 2 liters, table with large floor space
- Electric screw drive with push button operation, automatic opening of Speed model for cooling possible
- Housing made of sheets of textured stainless steel - Exhaust air vent in the roof
- Speed model with drying function. When starting the program the table will be driven in drying - position and closes automatically at 500 °C
Additional equipment
- Over-temperature limiter with manual reset for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN60519-2 as temperature limiter to protect the furnace and load
- Saggar for charging of up to three layers
- Process control and documentation with ControlthermMV software package